MASSIVE Tsunami Damages Cargo Ship in Stormworks Sinking Ship Survival!

MASSIVE Tsunami Damages Cargo Ship in Stormworks Sinking Ship Survival! Today we try and survive sinking ships in Stormworks Build and Rescue.

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  1. You put some ropes on the trucks, turned on the engines, turned off a warning signal and looked around the ship. The game idea is compelling but what did you actually do?

  2. Alarm ER means Bilge alarm Engine Room.. dont know if its implemented in the game ( didnt play the game yet) but every ship have's ventilation shafts, for the accomondations / cargo hold and engine room. Feul tanks etc needs to a overflow pipe, a reason that a ship can get water inside when you think all the doors are "closed" if the shafts are still open, the water can still get inside with big waves. You can see the ventilation pipe ( mushroom looking types) when walking on deck

  3. wow i went to make a cup of tea an everything was fine came back and the ship was sinking
    WHAT did you do

  4. Your engines should be full ahead when heading into wave and then cut engine at apex to ride down instead of launching lol

  5. The amstelborg made is 2006 by wagonborg ship building the ships is known to carry normally wheat as such and sometimes wind turbines

  6. I'm pretty sure most of these ship creators are captains and retired captains. I play this game a lot, and know a lot about ships, though I'm no captain.

  7. We need Camodo and his buddies to make their OWN ship and see how it fares against the everyday environment of stormworks

  8. Those Bison trucks are very similar to the Kenworth T800s I drive in real life. I wonder if they're based off anything real.

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