Matt Doesn't Approve Of Joe's Aggressive Hunting Technique | Dual Survival

In their first survival situation together, Matt and Joe are on an uninhabited island off the Panama coast trying to find food. When they finally see an animal, Joe aggressively kills the prey and leaves Matt wondering about his partner’s methods.

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  1. From where I'm sitting Joe gave the animal a quick death and ended its suffering. Before his single killing blow the animal was bleeding out, drowning, panicking and most definitely in a hell of a lot of pain with a six foot dart hanging out of it and bounding all over the place.
    However! I highly doubt Joe could have ever got that killing blow without the pig being injured first. They may have differing approaches to hunting but right here they were in perfect harmony. Though, I will still disagree with Matt's belief on this one. Once you injure the animal you shouldn't just leave it to bleed out in fear. You deal the killing blow and end its suffering ASAP.

  2. Yeah, Joe did the right thing. It was hit and drowning…best course is put it down and stop the suffering.. good job Joe

  3. There's nothing honorable about saying it's a good shot it's honorable to stab at that one last time to put it out of its misery

  4. Yes, Matt, it was a good shot but it also wasn't fatal.
    That guy wanted the animal to suffer, struggle, and eventually succumb to the pain and drown.
    Joe made the right move here.

  5. Die peacefully? Watching an animal bleed out in pain, is not peaceful for the animal at all.
    Talking about your special forces training to justify killing a wounded animal…
    These guys are a fucking joke. My fucking god these shows are dumb…

  6. Matt is a honorable and highly qualified . it was a perfect shot ..but Gi Joe had to be the hero..and I personally I Don't like the dude ..

    Animal:a little pig with a arrow in it fuggin body

  8. You idiot you were watching it just suffer and bleed out slowly, I love Joe he did exactly what you should do as a hunter

  9. Joe is just tooooo much. I wouldn't bother trying to survive with him. Guys energy is too all over the place.

  10. These pagan hippy survivalists are always so annoying. Joe put the animal out of it's misery, Matt was acting like the animal was meditating while it drown with a spear in it's side.

  11. Matt is a solid representation of this woke culture crap, I disapprove of your actions but let them suffer.

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