Minecraft 1.18 is EPIC! Let's Play Survival #1

Episode 1 of GeminiTay’s new single player survival world for minecraft 1.18, caves and cliffs update part 2! In this episode I explore the new update, and build a mountain starter house for our survival base! Don’t forget to leave a like! At 30,000 likes I will pin a comment with the seed. Thank you!!

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Recorded with Replaymod and OBS
Minecraft version 1.18


  1. Thanks for the likes 💚 The seed for this world is "Geminitayisgood" which in number format is 809371870

    Do me a favour, scroll back up and make sure you've subscribed!

  2. why a stair in the farm instead of a slab? slab would cost less than a stair and provide the same benefit pretty sure.

  3. Gem you remind me so mutch of myself like I get so distracted so easily and never end up finishing what I logged on for

  4. thank you for being you i love you so much your so smart also when are you getting back to your hardcore world ☺

  5. I may be a month late, but I can say since the update, I've seen two pink sheep naturally spawn. I'm honestly impressed at my chances since I have bad luck just getting the Drowned to drop tridents

  6. It’s crazy someone said her name in a video and I started watching her and it’s so cute and wholesome

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