Minecraft 1.18: Ultimate Survival Guide

The Ultimate Survival Guide to Minecraft 1.18 is here! Today I will show you all the survival changes coming to Minecraft 1.18, the Caves and Cliffs Update Part 2. Some of the update highlights include Lush Caves, Dripstone Caves, Meadows, Jagged Mountain Peaks, Spore Blossoms, totally new caves, new ore generation, and more! This is the biggest update ever to Minecraft. Make sure you watch to ensure you can survive Minecraft 1.18!

0:00 Intro
0:48 Blocks & Items
2:35 Mobs & Mob Changes
6:04 World Generation
18:21 Ore Generation
32:06 Miscellaneous

Looking for more information about the Caves and Cliffs Update? Check out Part 1’s Ultimate Survival Guide here:

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  1. You low key just answered all of the questions I ever had…. I found bone while strip mining, but I never dug around it to find the diamond….passed it right up! Gotta go back now 🤣

  2. all my worlds for the past 2 years in survival don’t have iron, of course when I create a creative one and go into caves for some building I find a crap tone

  3. Hello does anyone no how to fix this I downloaded the Java version again but after it installs and loads it says i have to pay for the windows version again because i got a refund. I did get a refund months ago for bedrock because i wanted the Java when i got the refund i bought the java ver and it worked fine but now this is happening.

  4. Literally not gonna watch this video just because this dude is 1 DOT 18. Who the fuck… ITS A DECIMOL YOU FUCK ITS POINT!!

  5. I think people underestimate just how good having big sparce jungle biomes is. You have super green grass you can build on without taking hours to chop down the jungle.

  6. To who it may help (ore updates) –

    Coal: y' 96
    Emeralds: y' <150ish
    Iron: y' <150ish or y' 16
    -ore veins – look for "tuff" material
    Copper: y' 48
    -ore veins – copper by granite – above y'0
    Gold: y' -16
    -mountainous badlands biomes have increased more spawns
    Lapis: y' 0
    Redstone >y'0
    – deeper is better
    Diamonds >y' 0
    – found comments (@Kevin Pearson) saying y' – 61 to y' -57 is good and xisuma claims y' -58 is good
    – fossils spawn with diamond ore vs coal ore previously

  7. i really dont like those noodle/spaghetti caves that run really long and narrow. caves that had a long narrow stretch only to open into something grand like a huge lava lake ravine before were awesome, but these are just narrow narrow narrow maybe some exposed ore, annoying and boring to explore

  8. Ugh I don’t like survival becuse I every time I love it then I cheat and then I can’t stop cheating…..

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