NEW Blizz Game is The BEST Survival Multiplayer? Asmongold Reacts

New SURVIVAL game announced 1 week after Microsoft buys Blizzard. Asmongold reacts to the first completely new game title from Blizzard in over 6 years. Let Asmongold assure you the upcoming Blizzard survival game WILL feel great to play! BUT this is Activision-Blizzard we’re dealing with here, the same ActiBlizz that’s been involved in countless scandals and lawsuits, so there are a few red flags though that Asmongold needs to discuss when it comes to the new Blizzard game. Blizzard is making a COMPLETELY fresh and new IP, this isn’t a re-release of an existing franchise like World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Starcraft or Diablo. Why did they decide to start fresh? Survival games are mostly created by indie developers: Minecraft, Rust, Valheim, ARK, DayZ, Don’t Starve. Blizzard will be one of the first BIG AAA game company to make a title in the survival genre so Asmongold is expecting a very polished product that feels great to play. That will be especially true under Microsoft, the same Microsoft that now owns one of the most successful games of all time, Minecraft. Let’s hear Asmongold explain everything we know about what might be the BEST survival multiplayer game.

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What IS The New Game? 0:00
This Seems LEGIT, here’s why 2:33
Asmongold’s Vision 4:27
Survival + BLIZZARD = W 7:22
Will It Be Good and WHEN? 16:35

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  1. the survival game genre is the one thing that has not been taken to its full capabilities yet especially triple A wise, there's so many things you can do with a survival game I hope blizzard makes something different and new compared to ark and rust. I do like rpg features in a survival game so I hope they do something like that.

  2. Blizzard will fuck it up with their woke bs. Survival games are about you the player. Not some lame story based around a dude whose preferred pronoun is "Potato". Overwatch was a drowned game based on its pandering to certain player types.

  3. really not interested in a new survival game, its another attempt to beat a dead horse just like every other company making battle royals and mobas. stick what they do good what is games like diablo and wow. WOW with new modern graphics, new mechanics would honestly be there best investment.

  4. I totally agree that the game needs to be for consoles aswell as PC. However where my problems with it starts, is when you cant use your PC account on your Playstation or switch etc. You need to buy a new copy and make a new account. In most games this is how its done, and ofcourse i get why. and most of you probably do too

  5. I have been looking for a survival experience similar to Conan Exiles, obviously better. Everything available, other than Conan is trash.

  6. Been burned by blizzard too hard I'mn going to wait and see at best on this. Still a curious idea maybe with MS they will purge Blizzard and hire people who can do good ghins.

  7. The last GOOD survival game was H1Z1 before they made the BR. It unfortunately got flooded with Russian hackers.

  8. You can tell Asmongold didn't play enough games and spend too much time on WoW when he says Rust is one of the best game ever made

  9. I have to agree. As an avid LOVER of Survival games.. I have crappy Valheim, crappy Conan Exiles (That's all about sex) or really crappy ARK.

    A survival game made by Blizzard? I will absolutely buy it.

  10. @Asmongold TV I would have to disagree, Blizzard in my opinion is not a perfectionist. Perfection has never been a descriptor for Blizzard. I would say they are more of a opportunist. They are not risk takers and only make something they know will succeed on formula alone. Now hate me if you must, but I would argue that Riot for all that it's worth is a perfecter, they take a popular idea, or even multiple and do everything they can to bring a perfected form of that genre to life. Big things to come from them soon. Just look at TFT, LOR, and their soon to come fighter. Regardless, mad respect to you, love what you do. I just wanted to debate with you as I can vibe with you.

  11. It doesn't matter that its Blizzard. It's the people that work there that matter. We are not in the 90 s anymore, we can't say "this is the studio that made THAT game!". People that made masterpieces are gone. New people work at the studio now. So Blizzard is just a name now, not even a brand that can give you at least some amount of trust.

  12. As soon as you said Ark is the worst game you've ever played… I smashed the fuck out of that like button lmao 👍👍👍

  13. That may be true about blizz, hardly no one who was responsible for that still even works there.

    And now they seem to be hiring people based on gender rather than qualifications in response to the hr blow out, so there is little hope.

  14. Blizzard, just create WoW 2 or a fucking good Warcraft 3 remake. Jesus, you could make it all so easy, no, lets create a new survival game…

  15. Subsistance is the best and most hardcore survival game out. Too bad development is slow since its just one guy at ColdGames

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