NEW Open World Game Brings Back Classic Survival Horror

Wronged Us is a strange looking new survival horror game we stumped upon. Can this unknown bring back the classic survival horror style?
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  1. Imitation is the simplest form of flattery. Quinton terintino steals scenes from his favorite movies all of the time.

  2. They said Dark Souls and Silent Hill influences… man imagine if someone made a Sekiro like horror game. I guess there is Bloodborne and Sekiro has some horror elements but, if there was a game like that meant to be scary would be cool. This one definitely looks interesting. Looking forward to it.

  3. Jesus Christ what’s wrong with me I just realized it’s GAMER RANX not GAMER ANX 🤦‍♀️ it’s been years lol

  4. Just wanted to correct your statement at @1:58. It does not "still have a year and half of development left". The developer wrote that, The Game has been IN development for the last year and a half, during which many redesigns. WIth that said, thanks for looking into this one! This one will be on my "RADAR" (BA DA CHA!)!

  5. As with movies and music, the true artists in gaming development are being pushed out in favor of "one size fits all" mass production. Whatever is the most appealing to the most people for the most profit. It doesn't help that leftists have been pushing gender and race Marxism into overdrive in recent times, further regulating what developers are allowed to do.

  6. Devs & publishers shouldn’t announce their game until it’s eight to six months out. That way it’s finished and there is time for marketing. To many games suffer from over saturation and I find it loses any excitement for it with all the other things marketers throw at you. This is especially true if you keep hearing about it year after year. Plus too many games have a myriad of issues some even changing their genre completely by the time it launches. The exception would be indie games where with limited marketing if any a big game event might be to much to pass up.

  7. I feel like these independent titles inspired by Silent Hill and RE miss in one or two places, but hit in so many others. Been playing Tormented Souls on PC. It's like RE1. The voice acting is bad. The story is eh, okay. But the graphics, atmosphere, and puzzles are really good.

  8. The new generation of game developers will persevere with honesty and patients (I hope)
    And create impressive games with promises that follow through simply because they were straight up “Half this trailer is for show tbh but once we’re done in almost 2 years, it’ll look great. But here’s what we’re working on, FYI” I like it.

  9. this looks really cool. they probably did relea rrailer too early but i hope they pull off what they're aiming at Id love to play whatever this ends up being. kinda gives me midnight mas vibes.

  10. Taking all the best mechanics from my favorite childhood memories plus some fun references… Looking forward to this one

  11. Honestly, the graphics look perfectly fine to me, but then again, at this point I'm a rather old fart when it comes to gaming…I think when dealing with smaller, more indie projects, people do need to temper their standards a bit when it comes to certain graphical expectations. As long as it works and the game is good, that's all I'd care about.

  12. Good job, highlighting a indie endeavour like this. Hopefully it will help the guy in getting more attention and even financially maybe.

  13. Personally, I think it looks pretty cool. That's the good thing about older gamers: we've played things that were a lot shittier and enjoyed them, so we're not going to rip you apart for not having the most up-to-date graphics or animations.

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