Providing an Assist | Sheltered 2 – Part 15 (Bunker Survival Game)

Sheltered 2 continues and we try to help out another faction in their efforts to claim territory from the evil Church of Hope! Any enemy of the Church of Hope is a friend of ours. It’s another outpost assault, this time in the woods to the South, but the Church don’t take this lying down and decide to bring the fight to us, attacking the bunker!

We pop out for a spot of hunting in order to acquire quite a lot of meat, in the hope that we’ll be able to make some fancy tier three meals. Now if only we could get that veg growing properly…

Also there are quite a lot of level ups to deal with, we build an extra medicine cabinet and our water situation becomes downright disastrous.


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It’s been twenty years since the world as we knew it ended. The last of humanity splintered into opposing factions. Will you unite or conquer?

Building upon the original 2015 fan-favourite, Sheltered 2 brings new challenges and deeper strategic gameplay. You are tasked with creating a leader and building up your faction whilst managing resources and tackling threats both natural and human. Everything from starvation and dehydration to radiation poisoning and enemy raids can prove fatal.

Sheltered 2’s new Factions system is pivotal to a base’s success. Send out expeditions to explore the vast wasteland and forge relationships, or bitter rivalries with other camps. Trade resources to grow and thrive together; or go head-to-head with rivals in an expanded combat system and grow your foothold in the wasteland. Will you ally with or dominate the other factions?


Factions: New to Sheltered 2, the Factions system allows you to create relationships with other groups that will provide your base with resources and support. Or grab your weapons and take things the old-fashioned way.
Resource Management: Balance the needs and wants of your survivors, manage scarce resources, craft what you need and maintain the shelter’s equipment to keep the group alive.

Faction Leaders: New in Sheltered 2, the faction leader is the most important member of a shelter, boasting their own unique and powerful traits, the faction leader will be pivotal to success, with their death meaning game over.

An Unforgiving Wasteland: Starvation, asphyxiation, extreme temperatures and combat are just some of the challenges you’ll face in the harsh wasteland of Sheltered 2, and without the ability to respawn, every decision could be fatal.

Combat & Weapons: When negotiations fail, wield a huge variety of makeshift weaponry against hostile outsiders. Fight to the death in turn-based combat to win the critical resources you need to survive.

Characters: Your survivors have their own personalities, traits, desires and a huge list of skills to acquire. Customise them to your liking and make your faction members unique and individual.

Vehicles: Find and fix more vehicles to explore the wasteland with, from Bicycles to Pick-up trucks.


Channel graphics designed by Penge in The Geek Cupboard.

Additional audio:
Music to Delight Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License


  1. Your stabby knives are not getting the job done. Is anyone strong enough to upgrade to a choppy axe as a bladed weapon? Similarly I imagine that 3 star sledge hammer might out-perform a baseball bat, if anyone has enough strength as a blunt weapon user?

  2. penge? love the series so far. but the thing with the water is a serious problem. i had the thought, maybee it is a good idea to move out of the desert into a colder regiom like the forest or there by the water reservoir, … maybee your people would need less water then .. can you claim anothe base? after defeating the enemy?

    greetings from Vienna / austria

  3. the water from the showers go back into the water purifier and can be reused after some time. Only drinking, cooking, watering, and toilet actually depletes the water.

  4. Penge you gotta build an incinirator. So you can burn church of hope members. Also generates power or heat if im not mistaken. Cant check it. The computer died on me 😑

    The flashbang proximity mine is a non lethal trap so you can annoy base raiders. Doesnt do much in my opinion. You have no cells to capture someone (they are also not worth it since you have to feed them, give them tea plus provide oxygen. All of these are for true members of the tea)
    The efficient planter doesnt require manual watering. Its automated.

    Loving the series!

  5. you have water in bottles, so there's that. also why not recycle the small medicine cabinet, you don't need 2.
    and get to cooking almost out of food!

  6. I don't know what's funnier rotating two beds or living so long without a true water upgrade and thriving. The tree reminded i have to start playing this game. A holiday tree after the apocalypse. 🙂

  7. That group of "church" people certainly have their nerve coming to your shelter to break the door and try to take over the tea. I'm very glad the group was able to stop them… of course now there's a grave outside the door. But maybe it will deter others from attacking.

  8. Don't forget you own the reservoir to get water from- probably should visit your territories once in a while anyways- keep them there for a while.

  9. You can put animal fat in some of the lights that are currently not switched on. Love the series keep up the great work! ;0

  10. You need to expand the basement a bit more, have new floors, put couple of drums for collecting water etc. Also look at what you need for an incinerator. It would save you lots of resources and real estate if instead of putting graves you have n incinerator. The enemies bodies provide you with energy/electricy, what more could be asked ???

  11. Sunday night got my feet up with a nice cup of tea watching Sheltered 2, what more could one ask for? O I know another cup of tea 😊👍

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