RANKING Console SURVIVAL Games? Tell Me Your Top 5! Is Survival Genre Dying?

ahead of my 50 ranked console survival games i want your input on what makes survival? what makes good survival games? and is the genre dying?
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  1. First I would suggest to splitt between PvP and PvE because it makes a huge difference to player experience, needs and expectations when it comes to game design.

    My vote: Conan Exiles

  2. Most of my many hours on xbox is just basically building and I never use creative modes or mods, just pick up materials craft and make a base. My top 5 are (in no particular order).
    1. Fallout 76. I couldnt stop playing this after i spent weeks making a base and as people came by to buy from my shop the messages flew in congratualting me on my efforts. That was quite rewarding.
    2. Grounded. Devs are hard at work on this one and the new update and Jades helpful videos are a win win.
    3. Subnautica. Fun even though u die a lot, just doesnt last long enough once u have unlocked everything
    4. Conan. Interesting with the thralls, bit glitchy for me though. Tried to pick it up again after months but had no idea what to do….lol
    5. Ark. Great game but doesnt keep me interested.

    I really dont think survival is dting out and it never will. Theres a lot of people out there who dont like survival games and then get into one and cant stop.

  3. Ark
    Nothing else really compares for me and forest is barely on there.
    … Waiting for something comparable to Ark prim plus as a base game. A huge missed opportunity for Ark.

  4. I can't afford to build a pc but I've been having a blast on rust on console. I know it's not in the best state and it's missing a lot of pc features but im still no lifing. Now I'm not defending the devs they need to get it together but I still love rust more than ark or dayz on console. Grounded was fun but very limited on content and player interaction.

  5. ARK(Of course)
    Minecraft(Where it started, and VR is incredible)
    Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater( I do still play it today and could argue its legitimacy as one of the early survival games!)
    No Man's Sky(Sheer scale, discovery & VR support is game changing)
    Day Z in it's first week(One of the most thrilling multiplayer experiences)

    Ultimately what drives these are foundations and support. Like any structure both are in need of the other for it's longevity.

    Technology will always dictate the next step, but a fond memory can also last a lifetime, and many have been shared with games such as these.

    And Technology, at least for me, to prolong any life, needs to augment my experience. Let me feel what I've not felt before, redefine my outlook on what it takes to survive, ultimately be more attached to the world I'm living in. And as pointed out by 2 games above, VR is a very viable way to do so. We're some way off perhaps from it being accepted by everyone from both a comfort and affordability perspective, but when adopted right, we'll forget the grown up survival boomers and give way to generation VR.

  6. I would consider survival games when they have the ability to craft, build, and an open world. In terms of single player survival games I vote
    1. Subnautica- it has a great story and great survival aspects but still can’t dump more than 20 hours into it, not much replayability
    2. Ark- as buggy as it is on console, it has a shit load of content and little to nothing has been cut out from the console version which I 👏
    3. The Forest- it’s great! Could’ve had so much more in it tho, so much playability was available but they decided to go for the close ended survival experience like subnautica

  7. Hummm got to say grounded,greenhell,subnatica as my main 3 with 2 unpopular opinions being 7days to die and fallout 76 … On console…. 76 is now a good game with lots of dev support, average story with a lot of survival. Where as 7 days was a great game but … think we can just say support was zero 😐

  8. 1. Subnautica
    2. Praey for the Gods (not on console yet but it's getting there)
    3. No Man's Sky
    4. Day Z
    5. Osiris New Dawn (still early access on Steam but with the way the devs have worked the last six months, I expect full console release/support)

  9. Let's hope it's just a calm before a storm of great new releases.
    My personal top five (and it's really hard to narrow it down to that)
    1. Subnautica – Honestly, the only problem I have with this is the lack of multiplayer. I loved the first and the second seemed even better. The ending leaves a solid start to a third entry and I have high hopes for it (Maybe including a multiplayer finally?).
    2. Conan Exiles – I've returned to this one many times since it came out on PS4, and I'm really loving the new map. I definitely wish they would make adjustments to things like passive experience for thralls but loads of fun.
    3. Ark – The game that really got me into survival. A bit burned out on it these days, but even so I still have to return for every new map and play around.
    4. 7 Days to Die – Even without the updates, it's still an extremely fun game. And as much as I would love for your campaign to get the game updated for free (and agree with you that it should be) I'll freely admit I'll drop the money on a pre-order if the make me pay for a PS5 updated one.
    5. Last slot was really hard to narrow down, but I think I have to go with The Forest. Solid game across the board, just the right amount of tension and resource gathering vs exploring, and good story.

  10. Subnautica, ark, no mans sky, grounded, drake hollow are some of my favs and i keep going back to them in some way.

  11. 1. Conan Exiles- It's one of the very few survival games, I thing is a bug mess but the potential is definitely there from seeing your created characters to crafting gear styles,weapons and building bases along with purges etc.

    2. The Forest is also the best I've ever played when it comes to survival, from the story to the co op adventures you can play with friends to the creepy altered creatures terrorizing you especially at night, I think this game was near perfect.

  12. I absolutely don't think it's dying. I think there was a boom and it's passing, but that's not the same thing. Usually after the boom comes stability.

  13. 1- The forest
    2- Ark
    3- Green Hell
    4- Valheim
    5- Stranded Deep

    HM: Scrap Mechanic, Citadel forged with fire, Atlas, minecraft, no mans sky, subnautica

  14. Ark has to be number one it’s scary asf it’s a huge grind and it’s easy to loose it all plus it ha constant DLCs thar are like enter new games

  15. My top 5:
    No mans sky
    Conan exiles
    Ark:Survival evolved
    Subnautica (I count below zero and the base game together)

  16. Been playing and enjoying Generation Zero. May not be as sophisticated as some of the more dedicated genera but I like the simplicity, story, great visually and immersive sounds. its fun to play. Looking forward to your follow up and keen to see what else I can try. Thanking you.

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