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  1. hey zon dont waste those large cabbage leaves you tore off and placed on ground you can eat those are give to your animals please dont waste precious food you'll grown //god bless and don't waste food /thumbs up/

  2. У тебя очень хороший урожай 🥬 капусты🥦. Надо чтобы тебе подарили тачку 🛒 и Лейку и 2 ведра они тебе необходимы. У свиней 🐖 сплошной витаминный обед!

  3. Theo dõi kênh đã lâu thấy a Zon giỏi quá, nhà cửa sạch, gọn gàng, trồng trọt chăn nuôi ổn định

  4. Nice video mate but tell your cameraman to be more discret around 3, 35 in the video on the yellow rock but like I said nice video👍

  5. Has anybody already tried to cure infections on ones forehead by means of: dig out a cabbage and plug ones head in soil for some time ?

  6. Que lindos cerditos los tienes concentidos muchas felicidades por cudar y criarlos con cariño..

  7. Bonjour bonne journée 🌺😇
    Je viens de voir votre vidéo hier et je suis retourné et j'ai regardé vos anciennes vidéos, c'est super.👍

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