Selkirk: Buck Knives Survival Blade Model 863 by Equip 2 Endure YouTube Cut

Adam has been asked to find a great survival knife for under $60. Well here’s a great one from Buck Knives called the Selkirk Model 863 ( Check out this overview with some field testing.

SelKirk Specs:
4-5/8″ drop point 420HC blade
9-1/2″ overall length 7.6 oz.
Brown and black CNC contoured Micarta handle with steel bolsters
Injection molded nylon sheath; Can be configured into horizontal or vertical belt carry
2-1/2″ Ferrocerium striker with whistle integrated in the grip; Rear bolster can be used as an improvised hammer
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  1. I just bought one and I am super happy with it..freaking beautiful too. Sharper than anything I've ever bought. Just a total awesome knife

  2. Got the knife though with THE simplest sheath! Without firesteel No whistle! Simplest belt loop but THE knife came! Thats THE Main thing! Like THE size too! Nice look!

  3. I won't be buying a buck knife made in China the only buck knife for me is one made in USA amen

  4. Oh thanks a lot. Now I have to go buy one of these beauties. I really like it. And knowing buck I garentee I'll be able to put a razor shaving edge on it. Anyway thanks for sharing and God bless 🇺🇸

  5. Tu sais pas te servir d'un couteau mec. Arrête les vidéos de couteau ou entraîne toi avant de te ridiculiser

  6. I've had my Selkirk for about a year no. I'll tell ya I put this knife through the ringer and no complaint other than the ferro rod is lacking. I grew up with Buck knives and lately they are stepping out of the shadows in the knife world.

  7. I gave this knife to my wife, I wanted to make sure she had a knife that was capable and wouldn't fail.

  8. I thought about it but I have the 192+ Alaskan guide buck in s30v and it's a work of art! But I think I'll stick with my Gerber strongarm for bushcraft tasks

  9. I know this is an old video, but can someone tell me what "entry level survival" means? First time in a natural disaster, first wave of the zombie apocalypse?

  10. China, 10,000 years of knife making combined with state of the art CNC and every country on earth sending PHD level machinists etc to produce top quality knives these days. Spend $200 on a chinese-made knife and spend the same $200 on a usa-made knife and then compare the difference then you see what I'm talkin about. People say they won't touch chinese-made stuff sitting with Chinese made $1,500 iPhone or Mac computer made in China. $25 you get real quality D2 with G10 handles

  11. For an entry level bushcraftsman knife it is okay, but the blade is too short for the average user when out in the forest. I would love to see them come out with a knife with a longer blade and handle in the future.

  12. Ok budget not anymore … 69.99 sorry rather buy the Gerber strongarm that IS MADE IN THE USA. if they lower the price I might think of it.

  13. Made in China ? , Well not everyone can afford knives in the $100 to over $200 range.  I do not baton , I only use knives for cutting . This knife for that would be fine and most camp chores , also it would make a excellent EDC knife . I prefer U.S. knives too and I own a Lt Wright next Gen and LT Wright patriot  , though I have a limited budget and any decent knife from overseas is Ok with me , even if from China if Built good . Because those of us on low incomes it is all we can afford. The Selkirk looks good , and for most people who will use a knife for camping and hiking  this will do fine. Survival is very rare , even so this knife would work just fine if you needed to survive . Survivorman never uses expensive knives and does fine in his survival skills  and actual survival using only Spanish or Chinese Camillus knives and they work. Also these super steels raise knife prices to crazy levels , They also are very hard to sharpen in the field with only Diamond sharpeners or stones . It is all marketing hype for CPM 3v , S30V, and others , wait until you have to sharpen them then you will know. One excellent steel that I like is AEBL stainless steel , easy to sharpen and holds a great edge on my Scandi LT Wright Patriot knife.

  14. This 863 Selkirk is basically an upgraded Vanguard. If Buck can produce the Vanguard and 119 in the USA then they could have produced the Selkirk in the USA.

  15. Bought the large model used on line, but was new, lol $50 USD shipped

    Solid knife, sold to a friend, he loves it, I miss it, lol

  16. What a crappy review
    Why the he'll are you splitting wood with it?
    That's what an axe is for so of course something would give.
    Typical "survivalist" lmfao

  17. Love 863 hate that its made in china. I did not realize it was made in china until i got it home and opened it. Seems like a good knife i would rather put a hickory scales on it, but i got what i got, and i will do what i gotta do. I want hickory scales and i will fashion my own hickory scales to match to make the blade i own. Thank you and thank your site and God bless your hard work on these videos

  18. Modifying sheath configuration can be a bit of a pain in the ass. Definitely not to be done in the field. Good luck.

  19. I almost bought one of these and then I saw "China" NO SALE! shame on you Buck will never buy a China knife.

  20. If you're looking for a small, useful, inexpensive, made in the USA, Buck knife, check out the Bucklite Max small knife (673). You can pick them up for around 30 dollars. In fact, Buck has a whole range of USA made knives for under 50, including the venerable Buck 110.

  21. I attack concrete with my buck 655, made in the US, it is about 20 years old and is quality.

  22. The phones and computers being used to type the negative comments about "made in China" are most likey made in China I'm guessing. If it's a Samsung or iPhone, I'm sure you could argue that it's of good quality, right?
    As a collector I own dozens of Buck Knives including this one. I can tell you it's of high quality, has an excellent fit and finish and holds an edge as well as my 110 made in Idaho. That, and it's affordable! This knife is also backed by the Buck "Forever Warranty".
    Roughly 20% of Buck models are imported. Buck does not have the tooling to crank out the kind of production with a price point that keeps the company competitive in the marketplace. Staying competitive in the marketplace allows them to produce around 80% of their products in the US. Like it or not that's the reality in the modern global marketplace.
    I for one love the Selkirk…and this video. Nice job!

  23. Not sure if someone said this yet I recently bought this knife. I can tell you very tough but the pommel is welded on not one full cut. This does not change my opinion on the knife quality is defenetly there.

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