1. Ở trong rừng mà chế nc sôi để cạo lông heo, ngáo vl ! Vứt vô đống lửa mà thui cho nó nhanh ! Non vc

  2. I like your video that has a natural feel but I don't like the way you make a fire in any place, let alone close to a very large tree, I think you have to be smart in making decisions, because land fires can happen due to carelessness later..

  3. Serem saya liat nya ..banyak batu besar ada gua lg ..ngeri ular binatang buas sama mahluk halus..
    Merinding 🐍🦂👀

  4. This series and survival instinct series are very much alike. The way selters are built, the farming method, how trap are set, The vegetations etc…. Looks like this series is also set in vietnam. I believe there are production crew wit tripod camera ….. how the character would walk some distance , set the camera, walk back and captured himself on the lense…. Impossible. Where the battery for the camere came from????

  5. Dao rong cua hang sau nay dan moi nguoi di du lich. Cai hang nguyen so ma dep.qua chua co ban tay con nguoi can thiep.

  6. ตัวตุ่นนิดเด่วแต่ตอนชำแระทำไมเหมือนหมูจังน้อ

  7. Zon. สร้างบ้านเก่งอยากใด้สักหลัง เมื่อไหร่มาเมืองไทยบอกด้วย55555

  8. why the voice of bird always the same liked that,,, did you put some backsound of bird when u edit this video… that"s not good man.

  9. Nice haircut Zon. Cool new Cabin, fascinating watching everything you do. Amazing😊💕💗🌸 from Ella in New Zealand

  10. 蟹の殻を口から出してるから彼は本物のサバイバリストではないね。殻も栄養だから普通は食べる。これはただのおままごと。

  11. ทำที่พักค้อมหินมันไม่ดี…พรานป่าเขาถือกัน

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