Solo Claiming The Most Hidden Ratholes On Day 1! Ark: Survival Evolved

Welcome to Episode 1 of my latest pvp series! In this episode, I claim a few of the most hidden Rat holes Ark has to offer, All on day 1 of Arks busiest Pvp server!

Server: Xbox/PC Dragons Den Duo’s

All music and sound effect are from:


  1. if you ever need a tribe on windows hit me up. love to see servers other then mts everyone plays on it these days. over good vid, chill and entertaining to watch.

  2. Where do you find such good servers with 100X or so and with a lot of players so good for PVP ??????????😫😫😫😫🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️🙋‍♂️

  3. Your picking could use some work and I dont know why you didnt c-spin the dude into the ground when you have tons of stam

  4. From your first fight your dpi looks way too hight you can’t really control it. If I were you I’d also become more comfortable pvp if you were shaking . Just a recommendation lad

  5. Yo so the base which u raided in that roof of floating island was mine we just decided to quit due to not enjoying it I hope u enjoyed the loot at the time tho

  6. nice video bro. Maybe the guy that found you had a fed suit on, since you can get one just by spawning in gen 2 is pretty op. abb rad zone rat hole bases pop up everywhere now.

  7. The easiest way to unlock the tek generator as a solo is to do gamma Rockwell on aberration. All you need is a shotgun and some cactus broth. You don't need any tames. It's 100% every time success.

  8. I searched for the Server name and found nothing… is this an NA server ? an pls give me the ip 🙁 i rly wanna join the wipe

  9. I just started playing and after watching these wipe runs and how good people are at this game…let's just say I'm glad I got my own private server to build my base on the beach lmao

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