Solo Survival LOBSTER Catch n Cook (No Water, No Food)

I ran out of water on an uninhabited island! Searching the ground for anything to drink before I dehydrate.. Thankfully I find something special washed up on a secluded beach before diving into crystal clear water to search for crabs and lobsters! Another Survival Beast catch n cook, enjoy

Location Indonesia and is one of 17,000 tropical islands which many are still uninhabited or abandoned paradises. Remember to like, subscribe and turn notifications on because there will be many more survival catch n cook videos coming!

If you have any survival video suggestions please leave a comment and ill do my best to accept your challenges…

Survival Beast!


  1. “There’s definitely wild dogs or something on the Island, I’ve heard them. So I’m walking around with a knife.” What a Badass

  2. Omg the way the lobster was just chilling on your hand, I was so sad for the little dude when he said "Yum that's some good stuff mate".

  3. Bro i give you must not stay at night in that island or you will die because it have a coconut crab.that creature eat human easily break your bone.sorry my english bad

  4. woah you should do a collab with Field Days! I'm pretty sure he makes his videos in Indonesia? You should drop him a dm haha

  5. Insane to me how we came from this type of living.. to now big cities and autonomous electric cars…

  6. Just found your channel, I really like how calming and interesting your videos are. Keep excelling mate!

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