SOLO SURVIVAL (NO FOOD, NO WATER, NO SHELTER) with only a knife on an island. EP 55

SOLO SURVIVAL (NO FOOD, NO WATER, NO SHELTER) with only a knife on an island

YEA DAWGIES welcome back to another one!
In this episode, I challenge myself to a legit solo survival challenge with no food, no water, and no shelter. Armed with only a knife and a GoPro on an abandoned Indonesian beach.
This was by far one of the hardest solo survival challenges I’ve done to date!





  1. I like in Ireland and it’s been raining for about 4weeks and then it stoped and got verrrrrry warm and I was praying for rain it’s tooo hot then it rained I got happy for once

  2. I know how it is because it happened to me before I had to wait until morning to get a water from the fridge

  3. When he said he was really thirsty and then he said he was gonna get some rope I thought of the worst

  4. Imagine your on a deserted island and you hear from the backround COME ON YA BIG DOG PISS ON ME 🤣

  5. I always watch your videos when I'm going to sleep. I love the shit you do man. Keep it up 😁

  6. I like the video but… you come into these videos with a hat glasses long sleeve shirt backpack but you don’t bring shoes

  7. Hey did you know that if you get a plastic bag and put it on a branch of a leffy tree that has a good amount of sunlight and tie it around the leafy tree that is another way of getting water to.

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