Solo SURVIVAL with 3 items only (Survival Extreme Ep. 3)

Solo SURVIVAL with 3 items only (Survival Extreme Ep. 3)
Production company is Renegade 83
Could not find out their correct email address.

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This video was made and produced in Austria.


  1. as for me i dont know the bow drill at all to make fire – but this lady is good i give her millions of stars cuz she can do it right keep safe buddy god bless her forever

  2. god bless this lady in her life be safety always buddy ilike you so wonderful lady to see
    i keep you here on my mind when i go out in the woods sometimes but im a hunter really not a camp but yes i need to know it all like her – she knows alot more than me im 54 yrs old but i try to be safe everywhere in life as for her she goes out in the woods spends night
    but keep safety on your mind always my friend

  3. where you from lilly i didn't see it but i live in the united states – but nice video so brave i dont go way out in the woods only a couple of miles i go camping

  4. shes good a brave women i like – well in the state you never see any women near me do this as she is so brave like a indian in the woods but great job lilly iim proud of you from usa –

  5. A gorge gets swallowed, ideally goes sideways but means any fish swallowing it will die. For real rain protection the roof needs thicker. I like you are not afraid to make mistakes. You learn by doing and failing. You do good, keep going. I like your archery.

  6. I think it's good that you are returning to the roots of bushcrafting. Many of your colleagues only do luxury bushcraft. Very nice video, 10 thumbs up

  7. 冒険の旅カメラはやっぱりオリンパス。因みにスポーツのキャノン。報道のニコン。警察のペンタックス。先進のソニーってか。

  8. I love to see women doing these kinds of things I grew up with a parent who did this stuff. I love seeing women doing this. And your foreign which I love to.

  9. Where’s the email to send for Naked and Afraid? My wife and I live Alone, you should look into it, but we will definitely support you on your show request!

  10. Well now you went and wished for it, I am now your partner 😉 I'll let you sleep why I keep watch and then you can keep watch while I try to sleep. You'll have to do the surviving for the both of us though. I'm just here taking notes. Also I'm in UK so when they let people visit other countries. I'll be over in a jiff

  11. Lilly! You're my hero! I hope you make it onto "Naked and Afraid" so you can achieve your goals! Thanks for filming this and sharing your experience with us all. God bless you! ❤👏

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