STARTING FRESH & GETTING DEEP! | Minecraft 1.19 Survival

Minecraft 1.19 Survival Episode 1! (kinda) ✨ We’re back in our survival world with a brand new wild update! In this episode we reset chunks for minecraft 1.19, reset the grind, start a challenge, and then search for diamonds in the deep dark biome!


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if you read this comment “wild wattles”


  1. I’m trying my best on Minecraft survival but when I was mining 2 skeletons were ganging up on me

  2. I have a full netheright set with mending but I always use stone tools and I don’t really where it I don’t want to lose it lol

  3. I think they should put wild birds in Minecraft that come eat crops! And we should have to construct scarecrows to prevent! Love your scarecrow btw!
    God bless you sir!

  4. I knew birb would return, evil like that is far too powerful to be confined to a single trivial world.

  5. Does the revive compass stay in inventory after death ? If so I will brave the deep dark scary place to get it.

  6. When in the deep dark ancient cities: 4x4x4 pit with the bottom 3 layers of the pit filled with powdered snow can kill the warden if it manages to fall in (wardens are not immune to freezing to death). Snow golems make for EXCELLENT distractions, especially in large groups. And rigging a redstone dispenser to fire arrows when triggered by a sculk sensor, makes for a fun diversionary tactic.

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