1. So why has the recycle system stopped working? At first I could recycle most items in my backpack. Now it is a very small selection of things. No longer able to recycle any frags 😔

  2. On First day Exchange Shop open, there are only 2 Exchange offers, a skin to skin and Other ***…why only crap First day?

  3. So a statue that will make the power gap even bigger between big spenders and little spenders………… -_-

  4. Hopefully we don’t lose the other recycle opportunities. I don’t really care about skin tickets.

  5. another boring event. I only see money here. It has been doing the same thing for almost three years and many continue to spend? I wonder who is wrong here, them or those who spend? everyone does what they want with their money but come on you need to be very stupid not to notice

  6. With the recycle center, this means we'll be able to get unlimited skin tickets (or rss i can't tell from the video) … by farming & exchanging items gained from timer help tasks (briefcase, firecrackers) 😸😹😻 … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zEJtKHo6AHA …. i will make the farming video when this event hits my state 😉

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