Survival Gear You Can Still Afford (For Now…)

Inflation is at levels we haven’t seen in 40 years. However, there is still some useful prepper and survival gear that most of us can afford.

Recommended Prepper and Survival Gear:
Mora Companion: (affiliate link)
Midland ER210 Emergency Radio: (affiliate link)
Solo Alcohol Stove: (affiliate link)
Sawyer TAP Filter: (affiliate link)
Sawyer Mini: (affiliate link)
Scepter Military Water Can: (affiliate link)
Water Brick 2-Pack: (affiliate link)
USGI Poncho: (affiliate link)
Bahco Laplander: (affiliate link)
Stainless Steel Water Bottle Set: (affiliate link)
Mountain House Freeze-Dried Foods: (affiliate link)

Midland ER310 Review:
How to Cook Indoors without Electricity:
Sawyer TAP Filter Review:
Best Portable Water Containers:

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  1. Morakniv also makes the full tang knife for a bit more. Seriously unbeatable knives for the price though. Companions being best all around knife for price.

  2. I went to a thrift store the other day for $0.10 each I got steak knives that a razor sharp. 50 cent I bought a knife that is a good 10 inches long and is as good as a bayonet. In the trash I found an emergency survival radio with lights the radio is crystal clear.

  3. The only thing I would change is the radio. I would suggest one that is able to recieve shortwave as well. Amazon Canada has one made Brand Roxicosly. It has lots of extra toys on it like NOAA weather.
    Oh as well a long length of wire even speaker wire with an alligator clip on one end to connect to the existing antenna. That will improve your recieve.

  4. Excellent list. If I may, In my big ruck I have a small (12" ish) flat bar or cats paw or mechanics pry bar. Very helpful getting in or out locked windows/doors, digging/gouging tool, and/or impromptu weapon.

  5. How can one store water in those containers and make sure to not get sick from bacteria that may grow inside? Won’t the water get bad after some time? Sry for my bad english.

  6. Just looked up on the net for a ER310 radio mmm np longer available. Not sure why but im hoping to get one they look awesome.

  7. Get a Baofeng UV-5R ham radio for 27 bucks and you'll have NOAA plus emergency ham radio access if all other options are not available. That if someone is in range but it picks up NOAA great in a lot of areas.

  8. Price on all this stuff keeps going up. I got a Fiskar 2yrs ago for $20. Now around $30. Pocket knives seem to be going up in price every year too. Knives that were $25 a year ago are now 30-35. Good video. Thanks

  9. Just a heads-up, Kleen Canteen no longer offers a plain stainless bottle. I stripped the paint off of two of them. A sillcock wrench is a good thing to add to your kit.

  10. You always have great videos and really good points, thanks for what you do to pass this along to us viewers!

  11. Thanks for the affordable survival items! Most I've got, but the food is becoming an issue. I've given mine to my kids, and now the Price is crazy! I agree with Mountain House Chili Mack!

  12. Unless you made a mistake stating the radio model as ER310 ($121.) rather than ER210 ($49.), Amazon has nearly tripled the price from 8 days since this post.

  13. Thank you for the videos been flowing but now i'v subscribed 🙂 1 question (as i have not yet whent throw all the videos ) what about peopal who havn't got a car ? Thank you in advance

  14. Just discovered your channel and I plan to watch every episode tonight. Precise, simple explanations. Very good advice and I cant believe it took this long to find you. Thanks, keep 'em coming!

  15. Just got some Baofengs and they are still cheap. They had actually gotten a little cheaper lately. Moras are very popular and a great knife. Fiskars are light, that's what I like. Less fatigue than steel handled or even wood. I'm was about to buy some Sawyers actually, good filters, but not good enough to really make water safe. Still boil it, cause Sawyers can't filter viruses. Then I would just run it through some activated carbon and that should do it, for covering most of the bases.

  16. Trangia – used them for years…. have most sets. to cut weight have used the triangle burner holder and a foil windscreen.

  17. Hiya. Never thought i would be buying this sort of stuff in the 21st Century but here we are. Thank you very much for the Links, take care 🙂

  18. Awesome Vid! The bucket with a spout is a great idea. It's been a long long time since I've seen something on a video that I didn't already know about. Keep up the great work!!

  19. Enjoyed one of your videos; realizing sooner or later you would move to the Gadgets …
    Why? Renewable is the only way to go! Think Mountain Man or native Americans. Gadgets no! Skills yes! While I agree with a good knife, 550 cord, and BIC lighters … I was surprised by what you omitted.

  20. I’m trying to do what I can to prepare but due to the problems over the last few years and current prices just don’t got a whole lot of money atm

  21. People need to get a decent supply of Potassium iodide as well given the current events unfolding in eastern Europe…….jus sayin

  22. IMO, at least 99% of all men/women are 'domesticated'. You can buy all kinds of stuff and go out into the woods to live. By the 2nd or 3rd day (or when they can't light a fire boil water for the plastic meal bag), they are going to be crawling back into the city looking for scraps and conventional shelter. I would suggest anybody buying all kinds of survival stuff, go out into your back yard for a weekend and try to live there. See if you can do it. No electricity, no bathroom, no running water. build a fire, cook, sleep, and see how that goes for you. The 1st day will be a 'fun' adventure. When you wake up the 1st morning, and need to build a fire, get breakfast going, maybe need to poop. It will hit you. AND I'm even going to throw in it is a nice sunny morning! {I won't hit you with a cold snowy/rainy morning as you poke your head out of your tent. I appreciate all of the effort and vids of survival stuff to buy at the dollar store. What you CAN'T buy is 'survival mentality and mental fortitude.' We are a domesticated species. Like it or not.

  23. I have been learning how to break water down with electrolysis to hydrogen and oxygen.

    Free fuel and air if you separate it.
    Water is abundance drinkable or undrinkable.
    I have a gas propane heater that will give free heat in winter.
    I also have uses to burn wood gas too.

    More free fuel for home or auto.

    You should be bring up that if we have a nuclear war. You will need ""Iodine"" for your thyroid gland and for sterilizing water.

    Which will be scarce.

    As for electronics or other electrical items. They will not work unless it is protected in a ""Faraday Cage"!

    So if you do not own one. Kiss your vehicle's, phones, t.v.s, DVD players, x box, Nintendo, gas furnace or A/c, washer or dryer or other items work.
    You are going back to caveman years almost.

    Theiving will be common by anyone.

  24. On your radio. How good is the hand crank. In the past hand crank flashlights and other hand cranked items. Usally break after very little use.

  25. I got a BPS Knives knife for $50 and it's awesome! Unfortunately, they are out of UKRAINE, so they are not able to do business right now for obvious reasons. You can find their stock in other websites, though. I have the full tang Adventurer and LOVE it.

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