Survival Guide to the Biblical Apocalypse

The Book of Revelation is undoubtably the strangest book in the whole Bible. An Apocalyptic vision containing earthquakes, plagues, and a few of multi-eyed ‘Bible Accurate Angels’ for good measure. The Biblical Apocalypse may be something you’ve heard of, but may not know what is supposed to take place. For example, where does the number 666 come from? and what is Armageddon?

If you’re looking to learn more about the biblical apocalypse, then you’re in the right place. I have crafted together this handy introductory video taking a secular-minded overview of the Book of Revelation. Now, although I have entitled this video as a survival guide, actual survival tips may be lacking. That said, knowing what to expect may help in an actual apocalypse. Or not…

After a bit of a pause in my upload schedule to finish of university work, I’m glad to say that I’ve graduated! Thank you all for your patience, more videos on the way. It’s been a while and I have plenty of videos that I want to make. Welcome both current and new subscribers, now numbering at 290k!


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Intro – Epic of Gilgamesh in Sumerian by Peter Pringle

Backmasking – CO.AG

Elf Meditation Preview by Kevin MacLeod

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Moorland by Kevin MacLeod

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  1. At 1:26 the narrator says “it all has to do with something being revealed [in reference to what the word revelation means] in this case, the end of time”. Just a friendly correction: the full title of the book is The Revelation of Jesus Christ as written by the apostle John, indicating that the subject being revealed is, in fact, the person of Jesus Christ. Not the end of time. The events of the “end times” as written in this book serve to reveal the post-ascension personage of Jesus Christ and are proof of His infinite, timeless, and perfect nature. Receiving a revelation is like taking a bite out of a desert or something, there’s very much a pleasing or satisfying aspect to it and to say that (the book of) Revelation is the revealing of the end of times is akin to taking a bite out of the cardboard box that carried a cake inside of it and not noticing that there was even a cake there waiting to the be enjoyed. End times stuff = interesting and good to know about, Jesus Christ = Infinite, perfect, unimaginably good Savior that knows who we are and loves us to the point of dying when He deserved immortality. Like…look for Jesus, anything less will leave you wanting.

  2. Actually, there is STRONG evidence the the Apostle John is the author of Revelation. There are 2nd century church leaders that teach the author is the Apostle. The Apostle is also considered the leader of the church of Ephesus.

  3. none of us can know when the seven year tribulation will happen, much like the parable of the servants waiting for the bride groom,

    let those who have ears to hear, let them.


  5. WRONG! 1.) It was John the apostle who Jesus said would see Him again before he [John] died. The only account of this incident is that of Revelation. The other apostles were martyred 2.) John is called the beloved, as opposed to the other apostles who were called His friends. This, like so much of the New Testament, is a direct correlation from the old testament to the new. Daniel was first called the Beloved and Abraham was called God's friend. These are meant to correlate one to the other. Whereas Daniel was told to seal up his end time prophecy until the end, John was told to reveal it. What John writes in Revelation specifically correlates to and is defined by the book of Daniel. Daniel is the key to understanding Revelation. So, by calling John the apostle the beloved, Jesus identifies John as the author of Revelation. And if you don't believe Jesus, then you have a much bigger problem than who wrote Revelation.

  6. Seems to be written in a state of manic grief. You can find most of these tragedies in the collapse of ancient empires. If it's not apparent many of the early Jewish Christians were both spiteful about what happened to Israel and what life was like in Rome. This isn't even the craziest thing Christians wrote at this time and it really makes you wonder why this made it into the bible.

  7. The term 'Bible accurate Angel's' is a misnomer. Angel's in the bible come in different forms. Not all of them are described as being covered in eyes or having 6 wings, only the Angel's around the thrown of god (which fittingly are not even called Angel's in the bible). All the other Angel's are assumed to have forms very similar to humans like the Angel's Abraham and Lot met.

    I believe in things like astrology and Saturn is the planet of discipline and boundary.

  9. If you're really interested in biblical apocalypse, you need to study the book of Daniel too alongside Revelation.
    The Antichrist will rule and bring false peace for 3.5 years and another 3.5 years for his mark of the beast.
    To know if we are near, check Matt. 24 &
    2 Timothy 3.
    Christians believe we cannot relax for now, they believe the Mayan Calendar on 2012 is one of Satan's predictions of the end times. They believe Satan is doing everything he can to drag many to hell, because he knows his time is near!
    Russia and Ukraine war today is somehow quite intriguing but, the bible says there will be a war between russia and israel in the end times.
    The only way to be saved is to believe the gospel of grace of the Lord Jesus, by faith and you will be saved.

  10. I tried reading rye bible cause i was curious
    I was lost after the 7th sentence 💀

    This video made it less confusing lmao

  11. why teach a video of how to survive when you can scape from all of that in the rapture? but ppl always wants to make things harder for themselves

  12. You can survive the biblical apocalypse in one easy step!
    Step 1.) Stop believing in magic, stupid.

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