Survival in forest: Found red ant for food of survival- Cooking Red ant & Eating delicious in jungle

Hi, this video I want to show you about: Cooking Red ant & Eating delicious in jungle
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  1. Ants? Really girl? You literally lost my trust. how can you be THAT hungry. Even the damn puppies dont like it. Id rather starve at that point.

  2. I know there are lots of exotic foods all over the world but I only didn't know is that, can we eat ants? 😬

  3. Kita org melayu mkn semut sekor dah ckp mkn…ribu raban..alamay hilang ingatan budak ni…🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. Homlog Red ant ko nehi khate hain lekin wo jo red ant ka btchha hain 😁mtlb white ant bht tsty lgte hain jb fry ya onion ke sth ya patato ke sath khate hain!! Red ant ka jo smll hain bht bura hain yr kaise ye itni asni se kha jate hain!!🙊 But white wala ant ka smll nehi hain😌

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