Sword Art Online Song | Survive | #12DaysOfNerdOut Year 4

Welcome to #12DaysOfNerdOut Year 4 Day 1 sponsored by Razer! Check out their brand new gaming chairs here:

#12DaysOfNerdOut is the contest where you the fans submit your lyrics to be made into real NerdOut songs!

This was submitted by: Emotionless Void

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Track Credits:
Vocals: Ben Schuller

Instrumental: LugnKaraoke

Video Editor: EMM

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Ben Schuller



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  1. 12 Days of NerdOut is back!! The contest where you the fans submit your lyrics to be made into real NerdOut songs. Sponsored by Razer! https://www.razer.com/lifestyle/gaming-chairs

    Today’s song was submitted by Emotionless Void. Let them know what you think! At the end of the 12 days you’ll be able to vote for your favorite to win a piece of our $5000 prize pool. See you tomorrow with another song!

  2. so the likes effect the poll

    lets tally the votes.

    1. 7.9k – SAO Song – Survive

    2. 6.6k – Monster Hunter Song – The Monster

    3. 5.5k – AC: Syndicate Song – London Is Burning

    4. 4.9k – Spiderman No Way Home Song – Tangled Web

    5. 3.4k – Karma Akabane Song – Psycho

    6. 2.9k – Joker Song – Harley Quinn

    6. 2.9k – Dying Light Song – Rules To Survive

    7. 2.1k – Smash Ultimate Song – Gang's All Here

    8. 1.4k – Wreckfest Song – Buried Alive

    9. 349 Fortnite Rap Song – Dance Out

  3. I love this it gives me flashbacks to when I watched sao in my freshman year of high and fell in love with the series from that point on

  4. I was so shocked when i saw this, my favorite song maker posts a song about my by far favor anime!! I ofcourse watched it and my mind is blown!!!!!!!! Incredible job, love it! I don't know or care about the next ones, this is nr. 1😂🤩❤👌

  5. Thank you for making a song based on Sao I've been a long time fan of your channel as well as the anime and I just want to say thank you for all your hard work of building the channel and making great content

  6. It was a great anime.
    I enjoyed watching it when it was about game until they mix with army and that another world.

  7. You know it’s good when even someone like me with bad memory can listen to it once wait a few days and listen to it for a second time and already sing along to the lyrics perfectly , what a banger.😊

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