Upgrading My Survival World with Mega Farms!

Today I spent a stupid amount of time building loads of different farms in minecraft! Plus I decorated some too!! Leave a like and comment and subscribe if you’re new 😀 All mob: Wither: Follow me on twitter!:

Starting Wars & Disobeying Rules.. | Empires SMP | Ep.31 (1.17 Survival)

Today, we have a new ruler, I almost start a war after Scott called me short & I finish my sorting system.. Leave a like and comment if you enjoyed 🙂 Everyone: Dangthatsalongname: fWhip: GeminiTay: Joey: Katherine Elizabeth: LDShadowlady: MythicalSausage: PearlescentMoon: Pixlriffs: Shubble: Solidarity: Follow me on twitter!: