Texan maker's underground survival bunkers are real batcaves

In Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road,” protagonists are surprised by marauders, but are lucky to find a well-provisioned survival shelter. In Texas, Ron Hubbard has been building underground shelters since 2011. His fallout shelters have found their demand.

Ron Hubbard has been building underground shelters since 2011, but since the pandemic hit he hasn’t been able to keep up with demand. Based outside Dallas, he claims his headquarters is the world’s largest bomb shelter factory. His round structures start off as corrugated culvert pipe, but once finished off resemble an RV, complete with toilet, shower, kitchen, dining table, bunk beds, etc.

For those looking for a more conventional shape, he has a square prefab that begins as sheet metal (reinforced with I-beams and channels), though he warns on his website, “Square shelters can be built out to feel more like a home, but they have a small PSI rating and are only rated for fallout and tornadoes. Round shelters have been around for 100 years and are still in use by the military today.”

He named his company after the 1950s company “Atlas Bomb Shelters”, though his first business was also named Atlas Ornamental Iron, and he’s spent the past 40 years perfecting his iron doors.
Hubbard’s customers bury their bugout shelters under homes, sheds, swimming pools or empty fields. While the square shelters can only be buried 3 feet deep, a 10-foot diameter galvanized culvert pipe in 12-gauge can be buried 42 feet deep though they are typically buried 10 feet below the surface.

“Typically if you live in the country in a place like Texas, you do not need a permit,” explains the Atlas website. “If you live in a place like California, you need a permit to dig the hole only. Most people do not pull permits whether it is required or not.”

Could Doomsday Bunkers Become the New Normal?


  1. Does anyone think about bunker buster’s which are bomb’s that bury themselves into the ground and than blow up? Just curious 🧐..we used them in Afghanistan and they are very very effective and efficient. So how are these bunker’s going to take these blast?

  2. Those things are badass..only concern i have is the air pipes, they should be further away and hidden. What if enemy invaders put gas in it or closed it off? Maybe multiple vents would be good and closable from inside. And rubber coated.✌

  3. Read the Bible Revelation it said is much better died not stay alive because we can’t find food water and another person alive only cold and lonely not provision not gas all contaminated for radioactivity

  4. "Most people do not pull permits whether it is required or not.” – The last thing you want is government aye wh@les documenting your shelter.

  5. So if anything happens to your air filtration system for any reason… He literally just sold you "a coffin in the ground" in his own words

  6. Wow what a fabulous idea NOT … A lot of people are going to be disappointed when S+&$# Hits the fan, everybody building these survival bunkers obviously don't who God is, in fact the bible says God's angels will come and pull everybody from their bunker's to face judgement, I'm not here to convince you of my beliefs, just remember what I've said, the world is literally going to end, no one will escape, May God have mercy on us all 😇🌿

  7. average blast depth of a missile is up to 15ft, why only 4 feet deep? kinda pointless.

  8. How do you re camouflage the entrance while you're down there after you move the bridge off of the entrance ? 🤔 🤦🏻‍♂️

  9. My father asked me at the dinner table when I was kid, "What did you do at school today?" I told him we had a bomb drill: We had to walk in single-file to the basement lunch room, where the "big boys" (eighth-graders) piled sand bags up over the windows while we sat on chairs and were instructed to lock our hands behind our heads and bend over as far as we could with our heads between our knees. This, of course, was during the Cuban Missle Crisis.

    My father said "Well, while you're doing that, reach as faaar back as you can and kiss you ass goodbye, because D.C. will just be one big hole in the ground!" My mother was not happy that he told us kids that. Dad said we needed to know the truth so that my generation, if we survived this crisis, could change things. I have never forgotten that.

    But we haven't changed things, although there have been attempts made to reduce nuclear proliferation. Those bomb shelters will not save us: When the planet can no longer sustain life forms, we can ALL kiss our asses goodbye!

  10. These are dumb. If there is no one around to run all are nuke plants, they all melt down and kill us no mater where we are

  11. As soon as he said “ Gamma radiation, all kinds of things. It’s not Rocket Scientists”. Did he just say “ Scientists”. SMH 🤦🏿‍♂️

  12. Having spent many nights sleeping in Box Trucks, Tents in Hawaii etc, air quality ventilation is extremely important.

  13. I've heard of these bunkers before. Haven't watched the full video yet but I wonder how long someone could stay down there until they need to come back up. I would think that in the even of a nuclear strike someone would need to be self sufficient for a very long time.

  14. The cost must be massive only rich people could afford this. By the time you buy enough land have it preped then buy the shelter and pay to get it then have it buried you don't have any money to live.

  15. only the almighty creator cane save you no matter what a person can build its a relationship with God almighty that will keep you safe evan from the evil that is getting worse everyday , Gods return is so close be careful in what you put your faith in Repent , change thanks be to the king.

  16. 15:00 the Round Bunkers are WAY too small/short. He's like look how big this is! while standing 3ft under the interior Floor base.

  17. This company has a bad rep. Be careful purchasing anything from them. Check BBB like you'd normally do.

  18. Good for tornadoes and storms. In case of WWIII, best place to be is at ground zero. A bunker will just delay one's demise by a few weeks. Better have plenty of alcohol and weed in there to make the most of the extra time.

  19. Man if life is so bad you have to hole up like rats to survive, why bother. You'll get old and die anyway. Quality of life is paramount. If it aint quality time to go imo. TO each their own, but from my POV this is nonsense and a huge waste of money that could be much better spent elsewhere.

  20. So, what do you do when an invading army comes through, discovers the hatch, pries or blasts it open, drops a grenade inside and slams the hatch ? Also, they could just dump a jerry can of gas and thrown in a match . . . . Also, could you just not buy a shipping container and outfit it ?
    When I was like 10 years old in the 60's growing up in West Houston I still recall the neighbor (ex-marine) across the street having a custom bomb shelter being built, the Soviets were trying to install missles in Cuba. Years later it leaked, and took on water and mold. Eventually a new family bought the house and had it filled with rock and soil.

  21. Ridiculous, because you have to have ventilation or air. Someone shuts off your air, you are done, in your bunker. Thermobaric will crush it

  22. That is why rich people don't care in nuclear war they think they can survive for 100 years sleeping eating fukng

  23. The above ground entrance needs to be upgraded so as to survive a tornado or nuclear blast.. . . millions have been killed in unsafe structures like the one the lady used.

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