The Best DIAMOND MINE! Ep 2 : Minecraft 1.18 Hardcore Survival Let's Play

fWhip is building a new Mine in the Minecraft 1.18 Hardcore Survival Let’s Play. Time to create the best mine to use in the caves and cliffs update! but first, building an experience farm and get full enchanted diamond gear! Click the Like Button if you enjoy!


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  1. Hope you enjoy episode 2! I had so much fun producing this episode and I'm absolutely loving all of this! What do you think I should do next episode?!

  2. I thought if a item is in a water elevator it won’t despawn cuz it’s moving? Like how technoblade escaped using the enderpearl stasis chamber….

  3. The algorithm has cursed you. you have so much talent in not only aesthetics but also editing, you're gonna blow up one day, manifesting it now.

  4. iwish I had the motivation to do some Minecraft survival but every time I build a house it looks bad so I quit

  5. I love how in the first episode you reiterate that you should never dig straight down and then do it with the absolute possibility of lava and cave space lol!😂 ♥

  6. I know it’s not true, but my mind will ALWAYS tell me that jumping on the farmland is faster than just straight up replacing all the dirt

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