THE BIGGEST COLONY?! – Colony Survival Gameplay | Colony Survival Castles #4

THE BIGGEST COLONY EVER! Giant Castles, Massive Walkways and Colonists Everywhere in this episode of Colony Survival!

Colony Survival Game is a fantastic little Alpha Colony Survival Game in which you become the king of your very own Colony, Survive, Grow Crops, Mine and Battle your way through the days and nights in order to create the very best Colony out there!

In this episode Icy starts on the Bailey part of his Motte and Bailey castle, growing food and baking the bread needed for the upcoming siege!

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Colony Survival –


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  1. Tbh i love this game but u doing so much off stream did my head in ppl want to see you do it thats why we watch pal

  2. What's with all these people being so bitchy about this being clickbait, when it was true at the time of posting…. Also bud, just because you have more than him years later doesn't matter.

  3. I like this base so much but needs to move the beds so they peasants get to there jobs quicker

  4. They are not accessible when they are in ground level they have to be accessible as in real life basically

  5. This is Bill he watched the walking dead then he watched this he thought this replaced the walking dead

  6. Jobs a plenty
    5 to 20
    Jobs for everyone
    Jobs galore,
    But still there's
    More jobs that must be done

  7. So fun to watch this series! keep it up man~ also for sure your base is maybe the coolest one I have seen- oh and also~ you were talking about maybe some type of tree colany, you should just add those ideas into this series! I would love to see some kind of explore and conquer the lands of the world!

  8. Icy, the reason they kept making the pickaxes after you turned them down is because they were already in the process of making them, not because you had arrows in your hot bar.

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