The Internet's Best Reactions to 'Drive to Survive: Season 4'

Drive to Survive season 4 has been released! Matt takes a look at some of the best reactions from the latest series.


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  1. Do Lewis fanboys not see how fake he is or do they know he is super fake and thats why most people hate him but pretend to not see it? And then because of the Lewis fan girling not seeing how much of an asshole Toto is… Its very strange.

  2. I personally only got to episode 4 and stopped watching. I will admit that DTS season1 got me into F1 and has flourished into an amazing passion since but that's when you realize DTS is not for fans at all. So to answer the question at the end of the video, I scoured every bit of info and video footage of testing this year that I could.

  3. have had a (decent) conversation with max fans and most of them are netflix kids who have no idea who senna was and how he raced, so most of max fans are hormonal teenagers with anger management issues…. that explains how they gang up against lewis who actually fights for their rights (spa) and calls out F1 for being money minded (melbourn 2020)…. it wouldnt surprise me if horner would egg max fans again to protest "unethical cheat drive by charles in an illegal faster ferrari" and these max fans would happiely comply.

  4. only good thing about dts is the subsequent memefest about dts. other than that – pardon my words – major bullshit

  5. Imagine having the money of Mercedes have, and not beeing able to buy Hami's (dadies boy) titles! Imagine Senna with a mercedes? he would be 2345702348572098456703249856 times world champion.

  6. This drive to survive season. Made me hate the series drive to survive but love yuki sunoda
    Also could this guy have more dandruff dropped in his hoodie. Like wtffff how dry is your scalp

  7. I feel like you guys were watching dts too hard, as Albon would say. This show is basically just for kicks and giggles. Good to “watch” while snoring on the couch

  8. I went back and watched season 1/2 and it is night and day. The later seasons are so much worse with the forced drama and fake broadcasts and team radio, it’s just brutal. F1 is dramatic itself, I don’t get why they try so hard to fake it…

  9. It's why DTS S4 was such a bad vibe… they missed so much good / relevent info and commentry but then repeated so much footage. Was a very jarring mess this season and WAY too much Chrisian Horner whining

  10. I definitely struggled with that ending as well 😅 I was like “If anything – maybe give me more Max celebrating the world championship win?!? That’s important!!!”

    But I loved Season 4 and I’ll never forget “It’s called a motor race, Toto. We went car racing” 😂😂😂

  11. I dont understand. i must have watched some alternative reality season because my take is not what everyone else is. To me mercedes are being absolute dickheads not red bull. Hamilton doesn't get any decitions against him ever. He can overtake outside the track, he can send people in the wall. not matter what. Toto wants to warn people for basically overtaking a mercedes car. Toto is the asshole, not Christian.

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