The Mega Bridge! – Minecraft 1.18 Survival | Episode 3

Minecraft 1.18 survival let’s play! In today’s episode we go mining for more diamonds, find plenty of spawners, have an accident and build a giant wooden bridge!

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🎵Music – C418, Lena Raine, Kumi Tanioka

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The resource pack used in this video is my own custom one! It is only available for my YouTube members and Twitch subscribers. Click the join button to find out more! If the join button is not anywhere to be found click this link:


  1. You Can find around in caves by placing torches on The left so they are on The right then you Shall up

  2. I am tremendously enjoying this new survival series! And I’m so glad you’ll get to have more fun in your world during your time off!❄️

  3. Marloe to anybody: you call that a bridge? THIS is a bridge ^^
    Seriously, that is one sweet design, were you inspired by something/someone or was this all in your head? Impressive result either way!
    EDIT: commented too soon ^^

  4. That bridge is super impressive! I like the way the snow on your base and bridge looks, though. You could shovel some of it in strategic places to make it look "rustic", IMO. Thanks again for another great video.

  5. I think you could use a glass dome for your snow farm and make it snow globe inspired or an ice castle. I think either could work well.

  6. Wow bro this is the most quality minecraft video i have ever seen also i love your building style waiting for the next episode …

  7. very nice wooden bridge. however, I am so in love with the background song. I wish they import it sometime in Bedrock edition

  8. Alooot of things i wanna saayyyy!!
    1. I was thinking to myself how i love your editing whilest mining, and than cut scene to the dead scene… BruUuuUh haha
    2. I still love your editing!! The beautiful bridge with its details! The cinematic views! ♥ And when its done the showcasing with the music! BruUuuUh! Its.. Making me speechless
    3. I am soo excited for your series, to see your builds and everything! Like.. You're now my favorite survival minecrafter!
    And yeah Nash is an amazing builder too
    I have recently started to follow you and im glad i did, really awesome tips and really enjoy your calm talking in the videos.

  9. As always I'm in awe. This is such an epic bridge build!

    I had a great caving trip recently…ended up with almost a stack of diamonds in one trip!! Also, I've finally gotten my first Elytra….only been playing the game for a couple of years..haha

  10. For aesthetic and function, make a balcony off the bridge. Maybe a small spot above each pillar? Then you can look off the bridge still.

  11. Oh, I really like your timelapse music, and the bridge too of course! Maybe a troll should live in the house under it. 🙂

  12. Would love to see the start of an intimate relationship with the bee that ended up in your storage room turn into a lawsuit against humanity.

  13. I love the look. I can't wait for the new episode! Maybe in the future you'll be able to rebuild the smaller house and make it some kind of toll booth or guard station/lookout?

  14. Beautiful bridge. I’ve been building my simple covered bridge for years but they pale in comparison to the beauty of that bridge that you’ve just built

  15. Remember, when terraforming, you can use multiple snow layers (mush like half-slabs) to avoid having to jump up full blocks

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