The Most REALISTIC Survival Game You've Never Heard of

Green Hell has become a surprise hit. Why does it work so well? Let’s explain some of the realistic aspects, the compelling story, graphics, and more.
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  1. I've been playing this and there is another one called deep something. Green hell is better in my opinion not as many glitches , smoother game play and I like the jungle concept more.

  2. Torrented the game to see if it could run on my PC. Played tutorial. Was amazed at the realism, and i bought it on steam, convinced 3 of my friends to get it too! me and my mates are doing spirits of Amazonia now!

  3. Cause it’s beta that’s why it’s so under the radar still. There’s so many survival games nowadays it’s hard to find something fun. It’s still being updated which is good

  4. The first time I played it I got bitten by a rattle snake, got poisoned, got parasites, and got eaten by a puma all within 10 minutes. I died so many times before getting the hang of it. Not to mention the effing tribesmen too

  5. “fly under mainstream radar” literally continues on to list things the game has going on that shows it on some mainstream radar

  6. GameEdge and a few others have been streaming it and giving walk throughs and tutorials, for a few years now.

  7. This game was awesome, I highly recommend it to everyone who like survival games. It was enjoyable and the platinum wasn’t very hard to earn.

  8. 5:14 spawning items? I thought the world was static generated. Its just that your character starts from a kinda random location. Correct me if I am wrong tho…

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