THE TEST! – Episode 8 – SCUM (Survival Season 3)

Two moons have passed . . . the trials have begun!

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SCUM is an open world survival game with unprecedented levels of character customization, control and progression, where knowledge and skills are the ultimate weapons for long-term survival.

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  1. I love this episode especially frank dude you're so funny making fun of sensei.. the one i won't forget is he said "SENSEI SH*T" 😆😆

  2. Wow this was certainly the most crazy episode I've watched😂🔥🔥, from Frank's personality on steroids, to the excited Larry called Terry 😂😂🔥

  3. OMG this episode got me laughing from start to the end like an idiot LOL. Hands down funniest and best episode.

  4. I normally advise gamers/streamers to interact with their audience rather than those they're playing with…but this was brilliant and enjoyable!

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