This zombie survival game is actually FREE..

Welcome to Deathly Stillness an all new Zombie Survival game that appeared on steam about a week ago. The game is nothing too crazy but it was not intended to be crazy anyways. A very impressive experience considering it was made in about 2-3 weeks. or so it says.

As per Steam: “This is a boring third-person zombie game with no plot,Complete the quest to kill all the zombies. This game is a teaching case game of bilibili Chen Jiacheng, not an officially released game.”

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  1. According to steam, this game was made in a couple of weeks or something crazy like that.
    Wanted to check it out Today. Pretty cool stuff and of course… its free. lol

  2. that game is just an asset flip from the unreal engine market place. So none of thios keep in mind 2 weeks. Devs like this give a bad name to all of us. He has just bought different premade code maps and assets

  3. I wish I understood how to make games. Would love to see a 20 player coop against almost infinite monsters or soldiers defending a city or structure. To have a bonus stat progression system with rpg mechanics…..the thought makes my mouth water

  4. they should for sure add the mechanic that r6 had when you reload you loss the rounds that were in that clip make it a little harder/realistic

  5. youfunny thing is i found this video looking for gameplay for apocalypse 2.0 edition gameplay and now im downloading it for a series called then days of Halloween

  6. The game “walking dead saints and sinners” for VR is my favourite game ever and it’s a deist person zombie fighter with excellent story

  7. How Dayz should look and play, but doesn’t at all lmfao. I plays Dayz for 5 mins and could find a single survival item, food, nothing and my character died. I was like….really? That wouldn’t even happen in REAL LIFE!

  8. Dear Ubisoft

    This game is already better than The Division. Please stop graphical downgrading.


  9. If this took 2 weeks then wtf are the big company's doing when games take 3 years and still come out half done

  10. This is pretty much all i wanted from H1Z1. All i want to do is build a settlement type like fallout 4 kill zombies with a story missions level up system etc without the PVP.
    Probably a very old comparison but i never cared for PVP parts i just wanted to build stuff and kill zombies. I'll keep a eye on it. (Yea i know you can't build in this game just saying it would be a nice option in future updates.)

  11. Can we get some major support to the creator for this game? I’d like to see a real zombie survival game with a big plot.

  12. The game installed a rootkit on my pc. Luckily my anti-virus quarantined it. There could be something sinister in the background of this FREE GAME. Beware!

  13. Yeah zombie survival is great and all…but why is everything 3rd person? I hate 3rd person survival games, why cant there be a decent 1st person zombie survival?

  14. The Nordic Dawn0.3 hrs


    Game installed malware on my PC. Lucky my anti-virus program warned me and removed it. user beware!

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