Thriving in a Survival Garden – A Day in the Life of The Weedy Garden

In this video from I make an episode in a single day. From sun up to sun down I share a Day in the Life of The Weedy Garden, and a few tips on how I grow Wonderful, Colorful, Natural, Clean Organic Food.

Filmed, edited and created by David Trood
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In this video, I refer to the following episodes:
Wormfarm: and
How to make LAB:
Food Forest:

Most of my trees I purchased from If you are living in Australia and are planning a food forest, then they sell online and deliver everywhere in Australia. Use the code WEEDYGARDEN to get 5% discount until 1/6/22

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Last but definitely NOT least, I huge thankyou to my beautiful fiance Heather for her unconditional support and Love, and to Steve and Chrissy for giving Weedy room to grow on their property.

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  1. Far out nice filming. What gadgets do u use mate including audio's, i would like to purchase

  2. Why do Caucasians never wash the detergent off of their kitchenware? Do they not know how soaps work or something? I’ll just explain it briefly, the bubbles or ‘micelles’ that form when you use dish washing liquid traps oil and other particles within the bubbles which facilitates their removal in water. If you don’t wash it off, not only are you eating the residual oil and food particles but are also eating a lot more of the chemicals in the dish washing liquid. Rinse those god damn plates ladies, it only take an extra second or two but makes a lot of difference.

  3. please, don't disturb the rainworms! Look at the book "Charles Darwin – THE FORMATION OF VEGETABLE MOULD – ACTION OF WORMS"… 😉

  4. Thank you l appreciate all your hard work,and share it with us.

    I loved this episode it help so so much…
    Thank you🙏🌼🌸

  5. New subscriber here, WoW just WOW, that was so beautiful and relaxing and educational and what a truly mindful balanced and calm existence you've set up there. I miss my 'girls' and my veggie and herb garden when I lived on the Toowoomba range years ago. I'm on an island now and struggle to grow anything, it's just a different lifestyle I envy what you have created there. Thank you for sharing this with us 🙏🌼🌿🐝🌻🌱💚💜🌃

  6. So happy I found you! Got yourself a follower. Don't even have a garden but proudly growing Moringa tree in a pot and dreaming lol

  7. I aspire to have this kind of lifestyle. I’m so tired and exhausted dealing with society. I want this. I just want this😢

  8. Fantastic video…you're connection with the earth is palpable. I can taste it through your food, hear it in your voice and feel it through your energy. You have created a life for yourself that most dream of. I am truly inspired by you!

  9. Hi man
    When you eating do not talking
    Or do not showing your food to others. !
    Because maybe someone is hungry
    And he can't find a little food !
    If he or she do not see the he or she can forget it
    But if you showing the food to them
    You remember to them
    So you Garret 🤔☁️⛅🌄🙋🤫

  10. Randomly stumbled upon your channel. It's so beautiful to see someone actually living his dream and a dream many of us share. Thank you so much for your effort to create this type of content.
    Greetings and best of luck from Germany!

  11. The best life ever in the whole world. You are such a lucky person to have this heaven, work and live in it.

  12. Love the channel, tried to subscribe to your newsletter but chrome and safari are saying your certificate will expire and its not showing your content,maybe something with my security settings, in case someone else is having the same your stuff b the way.

  13. how do you stop slugs, snails and other pests eating your crop?
    Please make a video on this main big issue facing many gardeners

    it is disheartening to grow something and then finding out that something has been eating it.

  14. Man is living my dream one day I’ll be in a similar place. Much love and respect for you, thanks for having gratitude for our world. Got a new follower aswell!

  15. You have no animals , It is necessary for farm , garden and farmer, anyway, You are skilled enough, My greetings from Iraq

  16. I have enjoyed this first episode immensely. I love your way of life, living off the land, nurturing and caring for it and it’s inhabitants. Thank you so much. Love Nev💜💫

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