Hi everyone today I discuss the top 5 BEST STARTER creatures in ark survival evolved!
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  1. For me it's the dilo. Easy tame to knock out and great for some personal protection against other dinos. Just tame 2 and your set. Maybe even 3 depending where your travelling to. Then I usually go on a little journey and find a good spot to set up my base. Next tame is the triceratops. Can take on t rexes, gather berries for narcotics. Good early defense dino against all sorts of creatures. While your dilos are your bodies guards. Can take the triceratops out go exploring more. Next tame might be a brontosaurus for harvesting a ton of narcoberries. Or tame a carno. Then usually a t rex.

  2. wheres the moschops they are the BEST all you need is to find one that wants berries and theres your first tame they level SUPER quickly and can even kill rexs and brontos in a few hits they can also harvest berrys they arent the best at it but there better and quicker than your hands

  3. Maewings is such a good starter mount. Heck, at endgame I have dozens for multiple purposes.

  4. I absolutely love early tame stegos, their great at Berry collection! Plus their defensive ability against everything is fantastic!

  5. I bought the game back in 2017 and bought all the dlc, and now I got my cousin into it and since only the host needs dlc I’ve got a partner for a long time with all of the free dlc and paid dlc maps

  6. Yem,maewing lv 19 saddle to learn…Refining Forge level 20 to learn…ARK logic :)(not a big deal but still)

  7. How are crystal wyverns not #1? All you need is crystal and it’s probably the strongest passive tame, while being extremely easy to get.

  8. U forgot a carno a carno also a good tame for beginers since its realy ez to knock it out witha slingshot

  9. Just build dino traps. Even if it’s wood. The trap don’t have to last forever, just long enough to tame. Plus building the trap also give you exp.

  10. The sinomacrops is one of the best tames for beginners and late game players, just grab chitin and your good

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