Top Survival Tips #5


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  1. The first two I was like, "eh their cool for the most part, why would I need to fight the-" then I saw the amongus part. "Teach me."

  2. if you are attacked by a Five Nights At Freddy's fan, shout "this is going to hurt more than getting my head crushed in 1987." they will begin imploding at the misuse of the date 1987 and you can run away.

  3. No if u meet a Minecraft player just say drag clicking is best pvp clicking method while they try to aim at you while drag clicking u have to strike

  4. they way to survive a minecraft stan is saying "terraria is a better game than minecraft" they will be ranting for hours and dont realize they are getting beat up, hope this helps!

  5. "if a nintendo player attacks you , show them a game that runs faster than 2 frames per second, this will shock them. while they're shocked, you retaliate" one thing is wrong though… hes holding a gun

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