We Drained The WHOLE Ocean in Minecraft Survival

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In This Survival Series Episode We Drained The Entire Ocean from Water in Minecraft Survival. Draining over 900 thousand water blocks using sponges and flying machines. This took over 30 HOURS to do and the end result is just amazing! Watch us suffer and make the driest ocean ever!

Rays Works Slime and Honey Sweeper:

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  1. saw title: "we drained whole ocean in MC"
    me: well, me and friend did once bucketed whole lava ocean in nether near warp spawn, does that count ?

  2. You are going to put back all of the water back in the ocean now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the fish and turtle are dieing!!!!!! save the earth !!!!!!!!
    by the way i was just joking
    please save the earth and #team seas

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