Welcome to ARK Survival Evolved! | Let's Play ARK Survival Evolved: The Island | Episode 1

Let’s Play ARK Survival Evolved: The Island – Welcome to my Let’s Play on ARK Survival Evolved on The Island! I get started with some basic ARK gear and a lovely little ARK starter house! Enjoy!
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★ The ARK Survival Evolved Settings I Changed ★
ARK Difficulty: 1.0
ARK Taming Speed: 10.0 (10x normal taming speed)
ARK Harvest Amount: 5.0 (5x normal harvest amount)
ARK Dino Count: 1.25 (25% more dinos than normal)
PvE Mode = On
Show Map Player Location = On
Disable Structure Placement Collision = On
Allow Multiple Platform Floors = On

Allow Cave Building PvE = On
ARK Poop Interval: 1.25
ARK Lay Egg Interval: 0.10
ARK Mating Interval: 0.01
ARK Egg Hatch Speed: 100.0
ARK Baby Mature Speed: 100.0
ARK Resources Respawn Period: 0.10
ARK Baby Cuddle Interval Multipler: 0.01
ARK Night Time Speed: 2.0 (2x speed of a normal ARK night)
ARK No Resource Radius – Players: 0.01 (Resource nodes spawn VERY near players)
ARK No Resource Radius – Structures: 0.01 (Resource nodes spawn VERY near structures)
ARK Crop Growth Speed: 20.0 (20x normal crop growth rate)
Show Floating Damage Text = On
ARK Supply Crate Loot Quality: 3.0 (3x chance for better loot from crates)
ARK Fishing Loot Quality: 3.0 (3x chance for better loot from fishing)
ARK Platform Structure Limit: 5.0 (5x more building pieces allowed on platform saddles)

In the ARK “GameUserSettings.ini” file under “SERVER SETTINGS”…
Added “OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5” (Allows Level 150 dinos on The Island)
Added “EnableCryoSicknessPVE=False” (Disables Cryo Sickness debuff)
Added “PVEAllowStructuresAtSupplyDrops=True” (Allows building at loot crates)
AlwaysAllowStructurePickup=True (Allows you to ALWAYS pick up your structures)

In the ARK “Game.ini” file…
MatingSpeedMultiplier=10.000000 (Allows mating bar to progress WAY quicker)
—– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —– —–
▶ Background Music
Outro – “Solar Wind” (By Approaching Nirvana)
Approaching Nirvana –

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This is Episode 1 of my ARK Survival Evolved Let’s Play from The Island!


  1. you just commenting what you'r doing,this is not a lets play ! thats content aims to target kids that cant afford the game

  2. Found this YouTuber today, love him already
    Keep up the good work on these lovely videos 👍

  3. Thank you so much for playing without mods 🙏 the reason I don’t enjoy others as much is because of s+ and I am on ps4

  4. Thank you Python for making a channel for you ark content, that way I can stay subscribed.
    Glad you are doing Ark content again, really enjoy watching them.

  5. Keep doing what your doing python, I’ve been a fan for 5 yrs and never once gotten bored… you always made me feel at home and you always get me into playing games again and get me through my hard times… thank you…

  6. hey python, i know you're a long way off from this, but did you know that you can bring your survivor in between maps? that means that after you complete the island and beat the alpha overseer, you could play through the whole story with your OG character and keep your tames. it makes all the maps like one big game with tons of content. just one of many options you're going to have in this game!

  7. In my opinion I think a wooden building with a thatch roof looks 100 times better than a wooden building with a wooden roof

  8. Man what an amazing way to start a new series Python. I love it. Best part was when the Carbonemys decided to swim in the sand. But yeah can't wait to see where this series will go.

  9. He has 4 SERIES going on at the same time now, this man’s grind is absolutely mental! I’ve never played Ark but I’ll watch this to check it out

  10. On a real this time if you stop this series I’m done with your channel your fun to watch but I swear you’ve literally stopped so many ark series’s

  11. I’ve never watched through a whole series of any YouTuber or even subscribed to anyone before haha I’m only really on here to see how to tame something or how do to something with red stone. But I dig your energy and u just made a fan

  12. Thank you so much for being such a great YouTuber, you honestly don’t know how much it means to all of us to have an actual good content creator such as yourself.

  13. Why don’t you use a mod called awesome spyglass it is very helpful to see your Dino’s stats torpor and health even those Dino’s that u haven’t tamed . use it it will be very helpful in this series.and love u from Nepal 🇳🇵 ❤️

  14. I used to watch u play Minecraft all the time and loved your channel but I got bored of Minecraft and stopped watching and started ark now I just found u again playing ark. This is so good

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