Welcome to ARK Survival Evolved! | Let's Play ARK Survival Evolved: The Island | Episode 1

Let’s Play ARK Survival Evolved: The Island – Welcome to my Let’s Play on ARK Survival Evolved on The Island! I get started with some basic ARK gear and a lovely little ARK starter house! Enjoy!
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★ The ARK Survival Evolved Settings I Changed ★
ARK Difficulty: 1.0
ARK Taming Speed: 10.0 (10x normal taming speed)
ARK Harvest Amount: 5.0 (5x normal harvest amount)
ARK Dino Count: 1.25 (25% more dinos than normal)
PvE Mode = On
Show Map Player Location = On
Disable Structure Placement Collision = On
Allow Multiple Platform Floors = On

Allow Cave Building PvE = On
ARK Poop Interval: 1.25
ARK Lay Egg Interval: 0.10
ARK Mating Interval: 0.01
ARK Egg Hatch Speed: 100.0
ARK Baby Mature Speed: 100.0
ARK Resources Respawn Period: 0.10
ARK Baby Cuddle Interval Multipler: 0.01
ARK Night Time Speed: 2.0 (2x speed of a normal ARK night)
ARK No Resource Radius – Players: 0.01 (Resource nodes spawn VERY near players)
ARK No Resource Radius – Structures: 0.01 (Resource nodes spawn VERY near structures)
ARK Crop Growth Speed: 20.0 (20x normal crop growth rate)
Show Floating Damage Text = On
ARK Supply Crate Loot Quality: 3.0 (3x chance for better loot from crates)
ARK Fishing Loot Quality: 3.0 (3x chance for better loot from fishing)
ARK Platform Structure Limit: 5.0 (5x more building pieces allowed on platform saddles)

In the ARK “GameUserSettings.ini” file under “SERVER SETTINGS”…
Added “OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5” (Allows Level 150 dinos on The Island)
Added “EnableCryoSicknessPVE=False” (Disables Cryo Sickness debuff)
Added “PVEAllowStructuresAtSupplyDrops=True” (Allows building at loot crates)
AlwaysAllowStructurePickup=True (Allows you to ALWAYS pick up your structures)

In the ARK “Game.ini” file…
MatingSpeedMultiplier=10.000000 (Allows mating bar to progress WAY quicker)
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▶ Background Music
Outro – “Solar Wind” (By Approaching Nirvana)
Approaching Nirvana –

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This is Episode 1 of my ARK Survival Evolved Let’s Play from The Island!