Welcome to Fortnite *SURVIVAL* Mode

Map Code: 8695-1499-6758
Salvage Survival Crafting Guide:
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  1. I am so proud… from the absolute trash season that C2 S5 was, to chapter 3 s1 that is truly amazing. Truly. Good job epic!

  2. Lachlan I don't know if you're going to respond to this but it's really painful actually having fun just because people want to spawn camp you and just kill you out in the open or is it just me as they're trying to be friends with you

  3. Lachy : i highly recommend putting your shadows on high . Me with a pc that is gonna expload when i put the shadows on medume

  4. Tbh I wanna see a salvage survival that takes place in either a desert or forest! I also wanna see pwr salvage survival 2.0 storyline updated!

  5. I was hyped about this in the beginning but then i remembered that i almost failed 7th grade.

    P . S i said this cus u gotta he kinda smart to play dis lol

  6. May I just say pwrs creative team is amazing. I was playing money wars with my friend and had the time of my life

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