Wild Boars, Make Me Not Want To Leave, Survival Instinct, Wilderness Alone, survival, Episode 157

Wild boars, Make me not want to leave, Survival Instinct, Wilderness Alone, survival, Episode 157
– Hello everyone, thank you for coming to my video, I’m Zon, I live alone in the wilderness, this is an entertainment video, as well as a document, a knowledge of surviving alone in the forest. Naturally, I started building shelters and looking for seeds to grow food crops and raise livestock here. Friends, this is one of the most extreme climates on earth, and i have successfully studied the cultivation of food crops, now i can harvest food crops and process food, next i have successfully tamed wild boars, now they have become living animals with me. they are very friendly and lovely. Please watch the video and the next episodes, thank you.
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  1. Hello guys, I'm Zon, I'm living alone in the wild, these days it's raining and cold, I can't leave this place, the wild boars will come with me to a new land, due to the conditions weather so Zon still lingers. stay here for a few more days, this place may not be the best hiding place for this winter. Since the day Tony left, I have been very lonely and sad, new dangers lurking around the forest, I need to leave as soon as possible. I hope you enjoy the video.

  2. what an amazing survival video of yours,, by the way you look like Arnel Pineda the Band vocalist of the Journey,,

  3. Do you kill them for meat some times? How many you kill per year? Are they danger to you? Do you have the big males?

  4. from day to day, shelter huts are not safe and clean. akin to a cage without the creativity of building a decent simple architecture. The food is not so good and it is suitable for human consumption

  5. Nhiều người chưa hiểu vì sao Zon ko ăn thịt hoặc ko thịt con lợn rừng; đơn giản vì nếu làm vậy thì kênh sẽ bay

  6. Hey Zon, your best friend has gone,sad with you,but God will be with you, waiting to see you in the new land,hope you will get more paddy and more vegetables.

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